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Most Europa is looking for collaboration partners

 Published on 2022-08-12

We are looking for collaboration partners for potential future regional integration projects in education, sports, youth and economic development. You, too? Let's connect and brainstorm.

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EU agrees to start accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania: Next Steps

 Published on 2022-07-28

North Macedonia and Albania can finally start accession negotiations with the EU. But the road will still be long and rocky for North Macedonia, which had to make political compromises throughout the process like hardly any other country. What are the next steps?

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A compromise within reach: Will North Macedonia and Bulgaria agree on the 'French proposal' and unlock EU negotiation talks?

 Published on 2022-07-04

North Macedonia's government parties are preparing to send the 'French proposal' for lifting the Bulgarian blockade on the country's EU accession talks to parliament. Nationalist protesters reject the French EU proposal that might help continue EU accession talks.

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Publication: Spa and health tourism bear remarkable potential in Serbia if targeted by a more ambitious policy

 Published on 2022-05-23

Natural spa resources represent one of the most profitable development potentials of local self-governments in Serbia. However, the lack of strategic plans and relevant laws approaching this resource prevents local self-governments from commercialising this potential. We provide local self-governments with concrete proposals for strengthening spa tourism.

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"Today's peace in the Western Balkans might not be perfect, but it is precious" - German Foreign Minister visits the Western Balkans

 Published on 2022-03-11

Germany's Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock began her trip to the Western Balkans in Bosnia and Herzegovina with further stops in Kosovo and Serbia. She spoke out favouring closer ties between the region and the EU.

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Can the new prime ministers improve Bulgaria-North Macedonia relations?

 Published on 2022-02-14

For two years now, Bulgaria has blocked the opening of EU accession negotiations with North Macedonia because of national identity issues. With the recent inauguration of new prime ministers in both countries, there seems to be some new momentum in Bulgarian-Macedonian relations. Will the governments in Skopje and Sofia manage to reach a compromise?

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12 podcasts about European politics worth a listen

 Published on 2022-02-06

We collected some of the best podcasts around to get updated on politics, business and stories in Europe and the Western Balkans.

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Macron's speech at the European Parliament: Western Balkans need clear accession perspective

 Published on 2022-01-20

French President Emmanuel Macron called on the European Union to give the Western Balkans a clear accession perspective and reiterated his position that the EU needs to be reformed.

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German coalition agreement includes reference to Western Balkans

 Published on 2021-11-25

The new German coalition presented the coalition agreement. They ask for opening accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia, urge for visa liberalisation with Kosovo, and said they will support the EU-led dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo.

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North Macedonia's Prime Minister Resigns Over Local Election Defeat

 Published on 2021-11-01

Zoran Zaev, leader of North Macedonia’s Social Democratic Party steps down as Prime Minister after his ruling party lost in Sunday’s local elections.

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Do we need an alternative EU accession process for the Western Balkans?

 Published on 2021-10-22

Since the EU enlargement process has come to a standstill, think tanks, in particular, have been thinking about how to change the process itself. One possibility is to introduce intermediate goals, such as accession to the EU single market or gradual accession. Here we present the two ideas.

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Action Plan for the Western Balkan Green Agenda adopted at the EU-Western Balkans Summit

 Published on 2021-10-08

On 6 October, political leaders adopted at the EU-Western Balkans Summit a 58-point Action Plan for a Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. Our infographic gives an overview of the indicative timeframe of the foreseen measures.

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Belgrade Economic Forum: Financing infrastructure projects in the Western Balkans should be a key priority of EU investments in the region

 Published on 2021-10-06

n 4 and 5 October, the Belgrade Economic Forum took place and panelists discussed different economic issues in Serbia and the Western Balkans, such as foreign investment, digitalisation and the financing of large infrastructure projects. What role do European institutions play in the latter and what impact have such projects?

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Balkan Green Energy News: Serbia raises EUR 1 billion in its first green bond auction

 Published on 2021-09-27

Serbia issued EUR 1 billion in its first sale of green bonds in the international market, after adopting the necessary legal framework making it the only European country outside of the European Union to have issued a green instrument. Now, Serbia needs to ensure that the proceeds are used properly for projects with environmental benefits.

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Belgrade Pride 2021: Highlighting Calls for Same Sex Union Law in Serbia

 Published on 2021-09-19

Since the first Pride parades were held in Belgrade, where radical hooligans violently attacked activists, the situation for the LGBT community in Serbia has improved slightly. However, there is still a long way to go to end discrimination.

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Social Innovations Forum - Social economy in the Western Balkans needs a comprehensive political and legal framework, financial support and more visibility

 Published on 2021-09-14

Social enterprises make an important social and economic contribution to society. In the Western Balkans, however, there is still a lack of a political and legal framework that ensures the recognition and support of such enterprises. The participants of the Social Innovations Forum in Belgrade therefore call for more support to increase their visibility.

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Review and preview: Achievements and Targets of the SEE Strategies for 2020 and 2030

 Published on 2021-09-09

In June 2021, the SEE 2030 Strategy was adopted in Antalya, replacing the SEE 2020 Strategy. To what extent have the goals set been achieved, and what are the targets for the year 2030? Check out our infographics.

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Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras awarded with the Peace Prize of Westphalia 2020

 Published on 2021-08-29

Alexis Zipras and Zoran Zaev were awarded a peace prize for their efforts in settling the name dispute between Greece and North Macedonia.

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Interview with Amer Kapetanović

 Published on 2021-08-16

"Internal political disputes, open bilateral issues and a lack of progress in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue slow down regional cooperation in the Western Balkans, while the European Union contributes to an ever-growing geopolitical crack through its accession indecisiveness and strategic misconception. Both have to take bold and concrete steps to offer the region more than just a European perspective"

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North Macedonia and Albania are ready to start EU accession negotiations

 Published on 2021-07-22

Postponing the beginning of accession negotiations are not justifiable by a lack of implementation of the accession criteria, shows our infographic.

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Alarming figures for the environment in the Western Balkans

 Published on 2021-07-17

"Individual coal power plants in the Western Balkans emit more than entire countries in the EU", revealed a report by the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) and CEE Bankwatch Network.

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What if young people in the Western Balkans had a saying in EU policy making?

 Published on 2021-07-15

Most Europa simulated a European Council meeting with youngsters from Serbia and Montenegro. What policy positions did they agree on?

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Quo vadis, Bulgaria

 Published on 2021-07-13

Early parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria on 11 July 2021. The protest party There is such people achieved a razor-thin lead but party founder and entertainer Slavi Trifonov wants to govern alone. Will he risk another election?

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Can the Green Agenda energise the EU accession process?

 Published on 2021-06-06

Can the Green Agenda work in the interest of a climate-neutral continent and, at the same time, energise the EU accession process of the Western Balkans?

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Cultural Vetos as a threat to EU accession

 Published on 2021-06-02

The EU membership veto threat of Bulgaria towards North Macedonia is not based on international political considerations, but rather on culture. But it is not the only example for "cultural vetos" in the Western Balkans.

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Political Apathy in the Western Balkans?

 Published on 2021-05-30

Recent electoral outcomes in Kosovo and Montenegro have challenged the notion that elections in the Balkans are not able to bring about change. Has public opinion about the impact of elections changed since then?

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Serbia is ready for the law on a same-sex union

 Published on 2021-05-22

A public opinion poll shows strong support for LGBTI+ rights in Serbia.

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Women's Economic Empowerment in the Western Balkans

 Published on 2021-05-14

Women's workforce participation in general and their share of business owners is significantly lower than the EU average. What are the priority areas for improvement?