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Most Europa is looking for collaboration partners

We are looking for collaboration partners for potential future regional integration projects in education, sports, youth and economic development. You, too? Let's connect and brainstorm.

We are Most Europa, a small Belgrade-based NGO. We support organisations in the Western Balkans with their European and regional integration projects, promote regional dialogue and offer consultation in education, career development for young people and economic cooperation.

In that perspective, we are broadening our network and reaching out to other like-minded organisations to explore possibilities of future collaborations, such as applying together for project funds and long-term partnerships.

We currently have a solid outreach to France and French organisations working with us in international sports cooperation. Still, we would like to expand our collaboration, especially in the region and sports, youth and economic development.

If you are also looking for project partners and consider Most Europa for future projects, please feel free to reach out and contact us to discuss opportunities for future collaboration!

We would be happy to get in touch with you.

Most Europa