Balkans Careers Hub

Most Europa Balkans Careers Hub is one of Most Europa's long-term projects, building "bridges" between Europeans and European countries (EU27+WB6 and others), contributing to the European integration of the six Western Balkans countries.

In our LinkedIn group Most Europa Balkans Careers Hub, we share career opportunities in the field of European projects, WB6 regional cooperation, youth projects, European integration, environment/climate change, human rights, public policies, elections observation, peacebuilding, etc. (mainly coming from NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, regional and international organizations such as EU, OSCE, UN..., diplomatic services, think-tanks, universities, consultancy firms companies with social impact).

The Hub aims to help:

  • professionals from the Balkans to find career opportunities in the region or elsewhere in the EU

  • EU and international professionals to find career opportunities in the Balkan region

  • professionals with Balkan knowledge/background to find career opportunities worldwide

The Hub allows everyone to share traineeships, scholarships, volunteer positions, expert positions, part-time and full-time paid positions, calls for proposals etc.

Feel free to contact us at for any questions you have about the group or if you need our expertise for your recruitments.