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North Macedonia and Albania are ready to start EU accession negotiations

Postponing the beginning of accession negotiations are not justifiable by a lack of implementation of the accession criteria, shows our infographic.

We proudly present our newest infographic on how the EU accession negotiations with the Western Balkans countries are progressing.

Although it is difficult to quantify the process, we have nevertheless taken a look at how many negotiation clusters Serbia and Montenegro have already opened and how the last EU progress reports of the six countries turned out. And voilà: Here are the results summarised in an infographic.

While Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo have still made little progress in implementing the criteria, Albania and North Macedonia are more or less at the same level as Serbia and Montenegro, with whom accession negotiations have been underway for years.

It is high time that accession negotiations with the EU begin with North Macedonia and Albania since the constant postponement and Bulgaria's veto cannot be justified by a lack of implementation of the accession criteria.

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