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Can the Green Agenda energise the EU accession process?

Can the Green Agenda work in the interest of a climate-neutral continent and, at the same time, energise the EU accession process of the Western Balkans?

Yes, says The Clingendael Institute: "The Green Agenda for the Western Balkans represents a promising window of opportunity for the region to catalyse decarbonisation, as well as further integration with the EU and democratisation processes."

Supporting the region towards energy transition may create opportunities for closer cooperation between governments, companies and civil society. The Green Agenda has the potential to spur the functional integration of the region through sectoral cooperation.

Here are five recommendations that the Clingendael Institute proposes to the EU institutions:

  • Continue supporting the alignment of Western Balkan policies with the EU Climate Law and include the Western Balkans in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

  • Scale up the technical assistance to the Western Balkan partners to carry out fundamental reforms, starting with the public administration

  • Provide a strong political steer in line with the EU's revised enlargement methodology

  • Avoid corrosive effects of EU funds for climate and energy reforms by strictly imposing requirements on transparency, public tendering, and audits

  • Ensure the inclusiveness of the energy transition by involving society at large

Check out the policy brief here: